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VS FX FINANCIAL LIMITED is a FOREX platform registered by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (NFA) and the Canadian Banking Supervisory Commission-MSB; it is a world-renowned one-stop financial online trading service broker; we provide first-class quality financial services forex trading platform to provide global customers with online trading services of financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, precious metals, CFD CFDs and other financial derivatives. Whether it is for the private sector that wants to improve trading efficiency, for proprietary brokers who want to seek abundant liquidity, or for hedge funds that are looking for opportunities to trade with institutions with quality financial derivatives, FX VS FOREX platform will spare no effort to meet all your needs.


World-class trading platform; stable trading quick, efficient and transparent.。

For a variety of operating systems such as a desktop and Windows, iOS, Android 。

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Thanks to more than top liquidity providers to give high-quality execution service advantages, VS FX Markets to provide customers with customized trading solutions to match the needs of its diversity Brokerage . At the same time, VS FX Markets can also provide customers with more than fifty products group of transactions, including spot foreign exchange, stock index, crude oil and precious metals, have greatly enriched the customer's investment type. More importantly, under the technical support of the World collar, VS FX Markets to a variety of platforms can unimaginable low latency to improve the quality of customer transactions, and to provide, including FIX flexible multi-select mode API, including connectivity. Whenever, VS FX Markets will work together with customers, its brokerage business and seek common development in the future. For regulated by the FCA VS FX Markets for, as a professional broker, VS FX Markets never involved in any orders within the system which this is VS FX Markets timeless creed, its purpose is to isolate third-party human intervention, thus maximizing the effective protection of the fundamental interests of customers.


A variety of account types, compact floating spreads, flexible leverage options, fully fit your desired deal.




About US

Weisheng is the LIMITED Chinese translation name of VS FX FINANCIAL. Its original meaning V is taken from Vera, which belongs to the ancient English language, meaning: trust, integrity, and integrity; S is taken from souls meaning: soul, soul, spirit, and moral quality; all meaning: Trust from the depths of the soul or the moral quality of integrity and integrity. Weisheng strictly follows the triple regulatory requirements of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (NFA No.: 0541241), the Canadian Banking Supervision Commission-Currency Services Business (MSB No.: M21548546), and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC (No.: 001289584) to carry out foreign exchange transactions, remittances, virtual currency transactions and other businesses on the premise of compliance and legality. Committed to providing global traders with safe, stable, fast and reliable financial derivatives online trading services, and always with high-quality technology, strong risk control to make it continue to be superb. In line with the principle of practice, we provide first-class quality financial services. The foreign exchange trading platform has opened trading accounts for tens of thousands of customers, thus establishing our leading position as a world-class foreign exchange brokerage company in the industry.

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